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The Art of Starting again will be released in May 2022.


The album ‘Lounge’ can be heard now on YouTube.

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Finding the warrior within: Using inspiring personal experience, Andrea Bibby writes about life issues from an empowering perspective to elevating health and wellbeing.

Need help getting out of the funk?

The Art of Starting Again will be available to purchase May 2022. In the meantime, perhaps focus on journaling your feelings and practising self care. Don’t fear; help is on the way in the form of my new book!

This approach is about survival, focus and progress. Self-actualisation is still an ever-changing act of development. If we reach for the stars and fall short, we have still progressed. If we never strive, there is no growth. Things don’t change if things don’t change. If you do not visualise a positive future, things are never likely to be in your control. Managing and remaining in the present and, letting go of the past, is paramount in accessing a positive future..

Andrea Bibby – The Art of Starting Again

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