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Lounge . Chillout . Downtempo

Specialising in world music, relaxation, chill out, lounge and pop; I put out any genre of music for people I collaborate with. Each project has my unique input; from A&R, management, audio & video production to solo projects.

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The forthcoming album, Lounge, features lounge, chill out and downtempo pieces by Andrea Bibby, vocalist, songwriter and producer.

The Album ‘Lounge’ is due out in June.

Full album listing:

  1. Fish Out of Water
  2. Helen
  3. Electronica
  4. Shetland Lullaby
  5. The Edge
  6. Jamaica
  7. You’ll Find Me Right Here
  8. In Spirit
  9. Lullaby (13 Mindful Minutes)

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